When can I make a Virtual Visit appointment?

Virtual Visits are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

What kind of appointments do you offer?

Sick Visits, Mental Health Visits, and all sorts of Re-Check Visits (including Asthma & ADHD). Because of the nature of Well Visits, which require close physical examination and often include vaccinations, we don’t offer Well Visits virtually.

Can you really do and see everything you need in a Virtual Visit?

For lots of routine health problems, questions, and concerns, the answer is Yes. There are, of course, some types of concerns and illnesses that won’t be well-suited to a Virtual Visit and so will require a visit in our offices. We’ll make that assessment when you call to speak to our Triage Staff, just as we would for any other call and concern. If we schedule a Virtual Visit but feel we need to see you in the office to make the best possible assessment, we’ll ask you to schedule an in-person follow up as soon as possible.

What can we do at home to make the Virtual Visit as smooth as possible?

The best place for a Virtual Visit will be some place private and quiet with good lighting. Have your child as close to the camera as possible (or practical), dressed in easy-to-remove clothing in case the Provider needs to see their skin or assess their breathing rate. It may be helpful to have a flashlight or smartphone light available to shine in your child’s throat or illuminate their skin. And, if possible, please keep other internet usage in your house to a minimum during the appointment, so we can have the best possible video quality for the Provider to see and assess your child.

Will I get a reminder about my upcoming appointment?

You bet! As soon as your appointment is created, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll also get email reminders 3 days before your appointment, 1 day before your appointment, and the morning of your appointment.

Can different parents or guardians use Virtual Visits?

Yes! Anyone who has the ability to bring your child to Kids Plus for an in-office appointment can have a Virtual Visit.

Can we have an appointment with more than one child?

Yes! Just as you can in-office, you can make an appointment for more than one child at a time. We’ll bill for two different appointments (with two different co-pays, if applicable).