The Village

It takes one. Let’s be one.

Kids + The Village is a professionally facilitated peer support group where Kids Plus Moms and their 0-12-month-old babies come together to chat about all things newborn and postpartum.

Come as you are.

Come for camaraderie.

Come to share challenges.

Come to celebrate.

Come to grow your own personal village.

Until it’s safe to meet in person, we meet weekly via Zoom on Tuesdays:

The Village
10:30am-12pm, for babies 0-6 months

The Village After Hours
7:30-9pm, for babies 6-12 months

What to Expect
The Village is a mix of open format and guided discussion. We “take turns” sharing about our week, our challenges, our celebrations. (Baby-related or not.) During your first visit, you’ll have the chance to share your family’s birth or adoption story.

Once you’ve made it through those newborn days (seriously; it’s a milestone worth celebrating!), there are solid foods to explore, more sleep to find (woo hoo!), and crawling to commence. Managing those logistics is a big part of being a parent. But there’s more to you than just managing teethers and diapers.

That’s why we’ve added a second shift, called…

The Village After Hours
With that same mix of open format and guided discussion, we talk about going back to work or leaving the workforce to stay-at-home your new identity, how to carve back time for self-care and, of course, tips and tricks for all the baby logistics. Whatever’s on your mind, we’re here to share and to support.

Put that adorable little one to bed and join us for The Village After Hours!

Interested in joining The Village? Ready for The Village After HoursRegister here.