With nationally recognized expertise in sleep training and sleep disorders, we have the resources to help parents and children of all ages get a good night’s sleep:

Personal Sleep Consults

We offer personalized sleep consults for our patients over the phone and in person at al three office locations.

The Kids + Sleep Handout

We have our own, expert, easy-to-read-and-follow Kids Plus Sleep Handout, which is free both to download and to print. It’s been so successful for our families that many Kids Plus Parents refer to it as “The Sleep Bible”!

The Kids + Sleep Class

Multiple times a year we host our Quiet Night Sleep Class — a one-of-a-kind workshop that has provided answers, help, and support for thousands of families over the past decade.

We Help You Get to Sleep

If you’re cranky, tired all the time, and think that ten consecutive hours of sleep for you and your baby sound absolutely inconceivable, we can help. At Kids Plus, we have an incredible track record of success in helping parents get more rest, better sleep, and quiet, happy nights for their children.