Kids + Fit

Kids + Fit is an individualized, in-office program designed for kids who are overweight or at risk for being overweight.

A comprehensive health and wellness program, Kids + Fit offers a series of visits with Lifestyle Coaches, plus consultation with both a Registered Dietitian and an Exercise Specialist — right in our own offices.

Based on current guidelines and clinical expertise, and drawing from successful methods with proven results, Kids + Fit is tailored to each child’s and family’s unique needs.

Certified Athletic Trainer on Staff

At Kids Plus, we have a certified Athletic Trainer on staff.

Physician Assistant Travis Lewis — who’s available to work with kids and consult with families on a wide variety of fitness, play, and sports initiatives.

Childhood Obesity Performance Improvement Collaborative

Kids Plus was selected as one of only a handful of practices across the country to participate in the Childhood Obesity Performance Improvement Collaborative (COPI), a program from the American Academy of Pediatrics and their Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight. We were selected on the strength of our team of providers and staff, our resources, and our practice-wide commitment to childhood nutrition and fitness.

Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative

We’re committed to supporting and fostering play and fitness not just in our patients and their families, but in our entire region. That’s why we’re proud to be active and engaged members of the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative.

As the only pediatric practice among the Collaborative’s member organizations, Kids Plus works with key figures, foundations, and companies in Southwestern Pennsylvania to raise awareness, model behavior, and education key decision-makers on all aspects play and the fitness that follows from it.

From toddlers at play to teenagers in competitive athletics, and for everyone in between, Kids Plus helps you play and helps keep you fit.