Doctors’ Notes


A Note on Hepatitis B Vaccine Shortage

Due to a manufacturing issue with one of its two producers, there will be a shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine for the remainder of 2017, and into 2018.

Kids Plus currently has a stock of Hepatitis B vaccine, but we anticipate that, like all other pediatric health care providers, we will eventually be impacted by this shortage. It’s possible, and in fact likely, that we will not be able to provide the vaccine on our usual schedule (doses at birth, 1, and 6 months of age) to all of our patients during this shortage.

As you know, we STRONGLY support vaccines and the important role they play in pediatric preventive health care. We will be following this issue very closely, and doing everything in our power to provide the vaccine as soon as possible. We’re developing a system to track children who may miss this vaccine at the usual time, so that we can catch them up as soon as the vaccine becomes available again. If your child does have to miss a dose, your provider will talk to you at your well visit about when and how he or she can receive catch-up doses once they’re available.

We’ll post updates on the shortage here as we get them. And, as always, you can call with questions any time.

Dr. Springer is a Shareholder in the practice.